Our Story

A cup of coffee has a taste that’s unique and memorable and so is its journey. From newly-picked cherries to a freshly brewed drink, the coffee bean goes through at least 10 stages of transformation before we see the end result.

From East Africa and South America, these beans go from these plantations to our coffee shop here in Southlake, Texas. The coffee bean takes on a long and distant journey, a voyage to get to its final destination.

Our History

Inspired by the coffee’s journey, we combine the two words “bean” and “voyage” to name our beloved shop: Beanvoy.

Beanvoy is something more than a coffee shop, it’s our journey. It all started when two middle aged guys, both already started on their careers, lives and families decided their love for coffee was worth opening up a shop. They wanted to create a warm place filled with love, acceptance and amazing coffee. It is a venue for upholding and serving our core values: Family, Education and Community. It is a space where time will be passed pleasantly, and where memories will be made.

So we leave you with this, our dear fellow Voyagers – we invite you to stop by at Beanvoy, sit down and you’ll find things you adore: friends, conversation, music, learning, relaxation, creativity, laughter, and of course, the best coffee and tea in the area. What completes the list you may ask? Your stories!



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