Shhhhh it’s a secret…. just ask one of our brilliant baristas to make you one of these amazing secret menu items when you go to order, and don’t forget – it’s a secret 😉

Fleetwood Macchiato

Espresso Macchiato Style – 4oz of deliciousness! 2oz of espresso topped with a layer of mocha hazelnut foam

Latte Macchiato Style – 12oz of an upside-down latte mixed with mocha and hazelnut flavorings

The J.A.D. aka The Cinnamon Delight (a fan favorite) – A delightful latte with hints of brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon!

Muddy Matcha – 12oz of and iced matcha mixed with 2oz of espresso and vanilla

Coffee Cake Cold Brew – 12oz of our delicious cold brew mixed with vanilla and topped with a coffee cake flavored cold foam

Beanvoy Fog – A fantastic twist on a London fog! Half earl grey tea, half steamed milk with hints of lavender and vanilla

Strawberry Fields Mocha – A yummy valentines inspired drink! Espresso and milk flavored with white cholate and toped with a yummy strawberry foam